Climate Change Toolkit for Health Professionals

The Climate Change Toolkit for Health Professionals was produced and edited by Kim Perrotta while working as the Executive Director for CAPE – the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment – in 2019.

With eight stand-alone but complementary modules, and seven factsheets, the toolkit can be accessed for free from the CAPE website in both English and French.

Module 1: Climate Change – Science, Drivers & Commitments. April 2019. 18 pages. Prepared by Alice McGushin,

Module 2: Global Health Impacts of Climate Change. April 2019. 19 pages. Prepared by Alice McGushin.

Module 3: Climate Change Health Impacts Across Canada. April 2019. 41 pages. Prepared by Helen Doyle. Peer Reviewed by Dr. Peter Barry of Health Canada.

Module 4: Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada by Sector and Region. April 2019. 35 pages. Prepared by Bora Plumptre from the Pembina Institute.

Module 5: Climate Change Solutions with Immediate Health Benefits. April 2019. 37 pages. Prepared by Ronald Mcfarlane and Kim Perrotta.

Module 6: Taking Action on Climate Change at Health Facilities. April 2019. 39 pages. Prepared by Linda Varangu from the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (CCGHC).

Module 7: Preparing for Climate Change in our Communities. April 2019. 23 pages. Prepared by Carol Mee.

Module 8: Engaging in Climate Change Solutions as Health Professionals. April 2019. 18 pages. Prepared by Kim Perrotta with Alice McGushin.