Climate Change Resources for Health Professionals

CPHA Annual Conference. Workshop Presentation: Addressing Climate Change as a Public Health Professional. Oct 16, 2020.

National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH) Webinar Presentation. June 25, 2020. Responding to Climate Change as Public Health Professionals.

The Climate Change Toolkit for Health Professionals was produced and edited by Kim Perrotta while working as the Executive Director for CAPE – the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment – in 2019.

With eight stand-alone but complementary modules, and seven factsheets, the toolkit can be accessed for free from the CAPE website in both English and French.

Module 1: Climate Change – Science, Drivers & Commitments. April 2019. 18 pages. Prepared by Alice McGushin,

Module 2: Global Health Impacts of Climate Change. April 2019. 19 pages. Prepared by Alice McGushin.

Module 3: Climate Change Health Impacts Across Canada. April 2019. 41 pages. Prepared by Helen Doyle. Peer Reviewed by Dr. Peter Barry of Health Canada.

Module 4: Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada by Sector and Region. April 2019. 35 pages. Prepared by Bora Plumptre from the Pembina Institute.

Module 5: Climate Change Solutions with Immediate Health Benefits. April 2019. 37 pages. Prepared by Ronald Mcfarlane and Kim Perrotta.

Module 6: Taking Action on Climate Change at Health Facilities. April 2019. 39 pages. Prepared by Linda Varangu from the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (CCGHC).

Module 7: Preparing for Climate Change in our Communities. April 2019. 23 pages. Prepared by Carol Mee.

Module 8: Engaging in Climate Change Solutions as Health Professionals. April 2019. 18 pages. Prepared by Kim Perrotta with Alice McGushin.