WHO Finds Significant Health & Climate Benefits associated with Transit & Active Transportation

The World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that the climate change mitigation strategies that significantly increase the accessibility, affordability and quality of public transit and

Air Quality & Exercise-Related Health Benefits Related to Increased Cycling

A new study has assessed the air quality-related health benefits that would result from the elimination of all short automobile trips (i.e. round trips that are less

Fine Particulate Matter, Lung Cancer & Cardiovascular Disease

When researchers re-examined the data for 1.2 million adults from the Cancer Prevention Study, they found that fine particulate matter found in tobacco smoke and air pollution, has a very

Cycling Can be Safer

The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world to ride a bicycle.  In the Netherlands, where almost 30 per cent of all trips are

Cycling & Traffic Corridors: Health Risks & Benefits

Within the public health sector, there can be an uneasiness about encouraging people to cycle along busy traffic corridors.  While most public health professionals appreciate that health benefits can be

The Health & Economic Costs of Climate Change in Canada

The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) has released its latest report on climate change.  This report  is focused on the economic impacts

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